A new Parking Garage and a “Making Of” the Lighting

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Hello All - Once again a Parking Garage and a “Making Of” the Lighting

With this work I want to show you that it can be a relatively small effort to illuminate all scenes.
In previous works, I have added one (or more) own Shaderlight-light sources within each single lightcomponent.
Working with lightcomponents makes the whole thing very easy. The disadvantage is that you have
very many light sources at the end of the day which extends the render time significantly!
In this work, I have implemented a much simpler concept. Under each continuous row of lights below
the ceiling I have placed one single long Area Light. The main lighting of an entire floor consists of
only 4 Area Lights! The advantages: Little work, easy to adjust and an uniform fitting illumination.

At the long side walls, there are some additional (but weaker) Area Lights. These bring some
additional light from the side to reduce the light falling in the marginal zones.

All scenes are rendered with the same “Artificil Lights Only” light mode. This brought the additional advantage
that I could render all the scenes with the Shaderlight animation tool which functioned occasionally like a batch
render tool in this case.

I hope this working method is useful for you as well
Regards, Egie

PS: I hope that a batch rendering tool is added to Shaderlight at some point, even if all the scenes have different light settings!!

PS2: Just a note: To have always the same camera scene per floor, I used the plugin “AddPages” by Rick Wilson.
This plugin copies your camera settings orthogonal to different locations along the X, Y and Z axes, as often
as you want.  (

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Nice output EGIE and thanks for the lighting tips. I bet that by reducing the number of light sources (i.e., one area light for an entire row of light fixtures) reduced rendering time significantly, and I don’t think the average viewer would notice the difference.  Perfect for conceptual illustration.


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Hallo Egie,

great work again.
You Always get it right with the lighting of your scenes.
It is great to get all the tips and tricks you post on this forum.

Great renders.