Eastertime Again

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Hey people - how fast the time passes!

with this small but fine choice of Easter eggs, I would like to wish you a beautiful Eastertime!

Cheers, Egie

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Very seasonal.  Interesting use of the illuminated shapes to act as window/light reflections.

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Hi Andrew

“...interesting use of the illuminated shapes to act as window/light reflections…”

No wonder - have you noticed this little trick !!  ;-))

I needed something so that the scene and used materials do not appear too dull.
I came up with the idea to use these shapes, which just float in the air and can
easily be moved to the desired position.
First these shapes have caused shadows, which really bothered. So I changed their material
properties within sketchup to maximum transparency and everything was ok ...

PS: I used the same scenario for the roborters. I’ll let you know when the new and improved
software is available :-))