SketchUp Plugintool for Postproduction

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Hi Everyone
Good News for all people who want or need to do Postproduction in Photoshop or GIMP (etc)!

There is a Plugin, which does most of these post-pro steps automatically !!!
It is the (free) Plugin “[SU]Ch ” from Renderiza.

It produces alpha channels of the whole model, from materials or textures.
It also produced a “Clay” render, which is “Chalkrener” in Shaderlight.
Here Shaderlight´s Chalkrender is very very much better of course!!!!!

This plugin even generates Hiddenlines and Profiles automatically!

All the Plugin´s Output is represented by it´s own scene, which is great!

The images attached are not exciting, they only show the whole range of possibilities…

This is really a MUST-HAVE Plugin I think

:-))  after I have posted on this subject today in the gallery, I am surprised that I have
discovered this great tool just yet!

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