more secure login

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It’s a shame some individuals are using this forum to put a lot of spam in cyberspace.
I think Shaderlight has to put a more secure login procedure to be able to use the forum.

I hope this problem can be fixed soon and these pirates can be dealt with.


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Hello Shaderlight Team
Jürgen is right. What these spam idiots are doing for months is a shame really. That annoys us “old” members very much - but what should (new) people think who want to find information about Shaderlight here? This flood of spam certainly causes a lot of $-damage to you…

Could it be a solution that only your company allocates new verified access passwords to all members here? So you can control who is allowed to log in and who not with your “White List”. - With such a procedure, I would agree. What mechanisms do other companies use?

Please solve this problem quickly, that we all can meet again here to take care of the main issues here…

Regards, Egie