Keyframe Animation 2.0 Shaderlight not working - Mac OS?

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Hi guys,

Keyframe Animation 2.0
SketchUp Version: 17.2.2554
Shaderlight For Sketchup : 2017 (5.0.0) for Macintosh
Revision (ef93331)

I’m unable to get Keyframe Animation 2.0 to work. I’ve read posts on your forum about setting the Animation settings etc, which I’ve tried to no avail. The animation works fine, but when I go to render, only the first scene renders and it renders that same scene for every frame in the animation. It’s as though it does not see the animation frames that have been created - nor the other Scenes for that matter.

I was however able to get Shaderlight to render a still frame animation via this:
Keyframe Animation: 1.9.2

Using the older software, you can ‘tween’ to create the scenes for every step of the animation. So you end up with hundreds of scenes, instead of 3 or 4 with the animation built in. Shaderlight saw all the scenes and rendered out.

There isn’t much info around about ShaderLight and Keyframe Animation, so I talked to their support people who gave this response:

“I had heard that Shaderlight could render the tweens—and there is a demo on the Demos page presumably made with Shaderlight—but you are first person to confirm the process in detail.  Probably, you are not doing anything wrong.  It could be that Shaderlight just isn’t compatible with Keyframe 2.0.  They know how to extract the animation from the tweens, but they are not set up to grab the frames directly from the animation in the SketchUp model.  It is possible to do—and Brighter3D proves that—we just need to touch base with Shaderlight (and the others) and get them onboard.  But it takes time.”

Can you please advise? Whilst I know we’re talking about 2 independent pieces software software, all information online seems to suggest that it is compatible.

Being able to render out video (albeit still frames in this example) is important for my business and there is no real guide as to what is or isn’t compatible to achieve this. I’ve spent a good chunk of money and hours trialling demos and paying for licenses etc, to still not be able to render keyframe animations through Shaderlight. It’s a bit frustrating.

I have seen posts both on this site, and theirs, that say it is compatible, and perhaps it is and I am simply not using it the correct way.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Have a great Easter.





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Hi Cam,

I believe that the way Keyframe Animation handles the ‘tween’ frames was changed between version 1.9 and 2.0 in a way that means Shaderlight no longer sees them.

As you say, in Keyframe 1.9, it would create a new model file with all of the tween frames split out into individual SketchUp scenes, which Shaderlight is then able to render as an animation. In 2.0, Keyframe doesn’t generate individual scenes for every frame, but does its own export of each frame, so Shaderlight doesn’t have access to the frames with Keyframe’s motions in them.

From Keyframe support’s response, it sounds like we might be able to extract the necessary information from the model, but that’s something we’ll have to look into for a future release.

So in summary, I’m afraid it probably isn’t possible to render a Keyframe Animation 2.0 sequence with Shaderlight at the moment.

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