Spot Light Problems

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Spot light does not show up in my rendering. The other light tools show up just fine. I tried changing the intensity with no luck.

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Hi Nicore,

Can you post some more details?  For example,
- settings used for the render and for the spot light,
- a list of other lights in the scene and their settings,
- a screen shot of your screen in SketchUp,
- a screen shot zoomed in to show the spot light component
- a render showing (or rather not showing) the spotlight

Those will make it much easier to trouble shoot.

Also, if you have placed the spotlight on a surface, or inside another component (like a lightbulb, etc.) the faces of those surfaces may block the light output.



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Sorry for the late reply. The light is a block I created and its attached to a column block.

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My Guess is that the environment is too bright to see the artificial light.  125 candela is about the same as a 100-watt bulb.  If you turn on a 100-watt bulb in sunlight you won’t see much light in contrast to the sunlight.  In real-world scenes, you will see the bulb itself illuminated, just not the cast light.  The spotlight only represents the cast light, not the bulb so we aren’t seeing anything.  You may test this by:

a) rendering with artificial lights only, or
b) cranking up the spotlight power dramatically to see if it shows up (note: this isn’t the recommended solution, just a test to prove the theory—and incidentally I tried this and started to see the light at about 1,000 candela)

If you want the light in the scene, I would add some self-illuminated bulb geometry.

I hope this helps.