Shaderlight 2017 (5.1) Release Notes

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Skatter support

Shaderlight now renders Skatter’s render-only instance lists, so you can produce renders containing thousands of Skatter instances without bogging down SketchUp’s viewport. Skatter is a third-party plugin for SketchUp available here:

Render-only instances won’t render on the Shaderlight Cloud in this release.

New self-illuminating materials

Three intermediate self-illuminating material intensities have been added to make it easier to make materials representative of modern TV screens. These are the TV (Low, Medium and High) settings for 500cd/m², 800cd/m² and 1000cd/m².

Bug fix

Fixed a problem that could cause unwanted shadows to appear on the ground when SketchUp’s ‘On Ground’ shadow setting is used in combination with portal lights. This issue was discussed here: