Warning about Closing a Running Render Process

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... again and again it happens to me that I would like to minimize the SL render window but instead I hit the CLOSE button next to minimize button by mistake and shoot down the entire render process.

Please - Could you insert a security query (anything like faked below) for dummies like me ??

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This sounds like a logical, simple and very useful feature.

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Hello EGIE and Andrew,

We added this dialog in Shaderlight 2018 (6.2.0) today. Hope that helps save a few renders!

Many thanks,
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kfoojones - Aug 15, 2018 01:33pm

...Hope that helps save a few renders!...

for sure - at least the renders of scatterbrained (right English term?) people like me ;-))

Thank you so much for putting that liitle but important thing into practice