Panorama rendering support?

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I’m very disappointed, how is it that shaderlight been one of the most expensive rendering engines for sketchup still doesn’t have panorama rendering support, Iv tried researching the forums for similar requests for this feature and found a few asking for this feature but no response from artvps, with current tech like VR devices this feature is long overdue, Do you even realise there is a demand for panorama capabilities? shaderlight is the only sketchup rendering engine that doesn’t support panorama or VR, my questions is - Is artvps looking into this, and if so ETA please?

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I’m afraid we can’t make any promises right now, but it might help us focus on the most useful features if you (and other interested readers) could answer the questions below:

* How do you intend to distribute the resulting panoramas to viewers? (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, custom VR apps?)
* For custom apps, which projection would be most useful? (e.g. equirectangular, cubic?)
* Are you only interested in producing panoramas for static points, or do you want to be able to render 360˚ walkthrough videos?
* Is stereoscopic (binocular, for VR-headset use) output important, or is a single image (for display on computer screens) sufficient?

Shaderlight support

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With cameras such as the Mk1 (2016) Samsung Gear 360 now retailing new for about £100 (Amazon) which supports 360 stills and 360 4K video, it seems to me like this demand could now grow rapidly. The supplied software makes it possible to create both Equirectangular stills and video if that helps.

Just my opinion, but would be great to have this facility for architects wishing to render realistic plans to future clients with lighting exactly as it appears at the client’s location.

I’m guessing there may be a way to sync with a gps app or dongle that would give a GPS location to match the capture or the position timeline with the footage too as a further development, especially as Trimble are a GPS manufacturer.