Can’t find where to activate Shaderlight in SketchUp 2018 on Mac

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I am having trouble locating Shaderlight in SketchUp 2018 so that I can activate it (there is no ‘plugin menu” to get to the activation window). It downloaded onto my Mac just fine but it’s like it doesn’t exist in SketchUp. Help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Cassie

I know from your email to support that you’ve got this sorted now but in case others have the same issue, here’s how to resolve it.

If you don’t see an Extensions menu, or there is no Shaderlight for SketchUp item under it, you will need to tell SketchUp to allow unrestricted access for extensions. You can do this by choosing the Window -> Extension Manager menu option, clicking the cog icon in the top-right corner of the Extension Manager window and then selecting ‘Unrestricted’ in the Settings dialog that appears.


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... just to get informed for interest
I can only compare with SU2017 - isn’t it this similar in SU 2018?

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