Blank toolboxes in Shaderlight

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Hey supportteam,
I installed SU 2018 and upgraded my Shaderlight plugin.
I had an issue with my first Shaderlight on SU 8.
I had blank toolboxes in Shaderlight during or after I rendered
an inmage.
I hoped this wouldn’t happen again in this version.
Nop !
In attached image you can see what I mean.
I have to restart SU in order to render a next image.
The shaderlight Material editor doesn’t show an example render on
the sphere.

What could be the problem here.
Is anyone else having this problem?

I would like this to be solved.
Help, please please please.

Jürgen Fonteyne

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Hi Jürgen,

I’m not sure what’s going wrong here – this isn’t something we’ve seen before (besides your previous report).

Could you let us know exactly which version of Windows and Internet Explorer is installed? (IE is used to render the Shaderlight dialogs, even if you use a different browser for web browsing.)

Also, please check the Shaderlight SketchUp exporter log file in case it has logged any errors that might indicate the cause of the problem. The log file is at:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\ArtVPS\ShaderLight\sketch_up_exporter_log.txt

Normally it will just contain the time taken to export, so if it contains anything else, it would be worth mentioning here.

One thing to try is disabling all other extensions temporarily, to see if there is some kind of conflict going on. The easiest way to do that would be to create a ‘disabled’ sub-folder within your SketchUp plugins folder (C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\Plugins) and then move everything except the Shaderlight .rb file and folder into the disabled folder. Restart SketchUp to see if the problem still happens. You can then easily move the contents of the disabled folder back into the Plugins folder to restore your other plugins.

Thank you,
Shaderlight support

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Hi, support team

In answer to your questions in your reply.
I have installed on my workstation Windows 8.1 Pro and
Internet Explorer 11.

I surched for the exporter logfile, but couldn’t find it in the named location.
Also I could not find the Plugins folder in your named location.
It seems that Shaderlight and perhaps SU is having problems to put the programstuff in the just location.

I did find 4 folders named as SKETCHUP7ROOT, SKETCHUP8ROOT, SKETCHUP2013PLROOT and SKETCHUP2013ROOT, where a found a subfolder plugins and there a found a folder Shaderlight and a file shaderlight.rb.
This is not located in the program Data but on my harddrive D: data.  The programfiles are located on a SSD called C.

I am not a computer expert.
So could it be possible to take over my computer with Teamviewer so this can be fixed,
It is very disturbing I have to restard SU everytime I want to change something in the
Shaderlight dialogue boxes in shaderlight to make a new render.

Please help.

Kind regards



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Hi Jürgen,

Thank you – we will try to set up a similar system here to see if we can reproduce the problem.

Because the AppData and ProgramData folders are hidden by Windows (by default), you may need to enter the path to the locations into the location bar. i.e. paste each of the following paths into the Windows Explorer location field:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\ArtVPS\ShaderLight\ (replacing <your username> with the username you log into your computer with.)

C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\Plugins

The SKETCHUP7ROOT etc. folders are just an unfortunate artefact of the way the installer works, and can be ignored. (They are created for versions of SketchUp that you don’t have on your computer and you can probably delete them if you like.)

I’m afraid we don’t do Teamviewer-type support, but we are keen to get to the bottom of the problem and hope we can remove this inconvenience for you soon.

Shaderlight support

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Hello again,

I’m sorry we haven’t found a solution for your issue, but I thought I should let you know that we have recently seen something that might be similar to your problem on one of our test machines. In our case, the windows stay blank for several seconds while a render is in progress, and the Windows spinning ‘busy’ cursor is displayed if you hold the mouse over the window. The windows do eventually draw properly and respond to input, after 10-20 seconds. The machine we saw this on was actually a virtual machine, so may have lower performance than a real machine, which could explain the delayed response.

Have you noticed if your windows start behaving again if you wait a long time?

Shaderlight support