Shaderlight disappeared after Sketchup 2017 upgrade

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Since we upgraded to Sketchup 2017 yesterday we have lost the Shaderlight plugin. We’ve checked the Extensions Manager and clicked ‘unrestricted’, but we don’t have an Extensions or Plugins menu. We’re on Mac OS X 10.11.6.

How do we get Shaderlight back?

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... better you contact the support additionally by mail to speed up your request (if not done yet)
hopefully you have kept your previous SU version to have one running system at least?


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I’m not sure if you’ve contacted the support email address yet, but if not, and for the benefit of others, one thing to check is that you have Shaderlight 2017 or later, as SketchUp 2017 wasn’t supported in earlier versions of Shaderlight. If necessary, you can download the trial of our latest version to check that it works:

If you are already using Shaderlight 2017 or later, it would be worth running the installer again, to make sure that the Shaderlight plugin files are installed in the SketchUp 2017 folder.

Shaderlight support

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Thank you - downloading the latest version seems to have worked.