The World´s best Cars #2

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Classic Cars #2
It’s been about a year since I posted Donald Duck’s red classic 313.

Today I´ll post a second classic car - it’s the “Bobby Car” from the BIG toy company.

Sometimes it feels to me like the kids here (at least in Germany) get this car right before their parents decide on any children’s name ;-)
Anyway - I’ve been playing around with this model for a long time and now I found the time to complete it.

Regards and enjoy

# Edit 1st Januar 2018
due to it´s somehow cute old-fashioned look, a British “pimped” Bobby Car variant also came into my mind :-))

# Edit 3rd Januar 2018
adding a French Bobby Car version ;-)

# Edit 12 Januar 2018
adding a German Bobby Car thing ;-)

# Edit 9th April 2020 (Corona-Time)
adding a US Bobby Car version ;-)

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some little Corona-Time practice - expanding my long term “Bobby-Car” project finally again ;-) this time with an US-American version.  Enjoy ;-)

(again and again: Shaderlight’s “Chalkrender” is a really dull name though ;-) - but really: it´s incredibly good!!! I love it!)

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Glad you are keeping productive ;)

These are fun.

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... so glad to see you posting!!  - Thanks a lot Awaddington :-)