sketchup 2018 and mac - can’t activate trial ?

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Hi All,

tried installing this twice now but still no good.

not sure what the issue is - certainly no shaderlight pop-up menu to look at and can’t see anything in the extension warehouse to look at



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Hi Lee,

I’m sorry to hear that your installation hasn’t been straightforward. There are a few things to check first:

1) Make sure you are installing Shaderlight 2018 – earlier versions of Shaderlight don’t support SketchUp 2018. If you downloaded it from our main downloads page in the last couple of months, you should have the latest version. Otherwise, you can get it here:

2) Make sure that your SketchUp is configured to allow unsigned extensions to be loaded. Open the Extension Manager using the Window -> Extension Manager menu; click the Settings (‘cog’) icon in the top-right corner of the Extension Manager; make sure that ‘Unrestricted’ or ‘Approve Unidentified Extensions’ is selected and click ‘Confirm’ (unfortunately, Shaderlight isn’t compatible with SketchUp’s extension signing system); if you chose ‘Approve’, click the ‘Trust?’ button next to the entry for Shaderlight, otherwise restart SketchUp to load the Shaderlight extension.

3) The Shaderlight menu will appear as a sub-menu in SketchUp’s Extensions menu, rather than as a standalone menu. Also, you may need to show the Shaderlight toolbar by choosing View -> Tool Palettes -> Shaderlight.

If none of those things help, we will need to dig a bit deeper to work out what went wrong with the installer on your machine – it will probably be best to email us at in that case.

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