Shaderlight Trail Won’t Connect

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Hi everyone.

I am using Sketchup 7, and have recently downloaded the free trial. When I finished the download, I activated the trial, and clicked on the camera button. When I clicked on that it says “Shaderlight Export: Connecting to Shaderlight…” This window has stayed up for about an hour. If I click cancel it will not let me render at all. Instead it says “Failed to connect”. What did I do wrong, and how do I fix this?

Thank you!

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Hi - are you still really using SkUp7 ?!? or did you mean SkUp 2017 instead?

Detached from possible network problems, which i exclude however, I have to assume that it is due to this really much too old version, which is (if i’m not mistaken) not suitable at all to run SL.
Why don’t you at least install the almost brand new version SkUp 2017 Make, which you can run parallel to your existing old 7 version.
Besides a lot of improvements and advantages you would also be able to run such cool plugins like SubD or Skatter for example…

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