I would like to find some starting settings for exterior night scenes, or low light scenes,

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Hi !

Can someone help me with the base settings for exterior night scenes, or low light scenes,
I don’t see any preset settings for evening or night exterior scenes.

Thank you,

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The simplest approach is just to use the Artificial Lights Only mode (under the Lighting Type option) and use artificial lights (point, spot, IES etc) to illuminate the scene.

If you would like some natural light from the moon / stars, you can use a Custom lighting type and specify either a night-sky HDR panorama, if you can find one, or simply a dark blue image. If your scene is mostly lit by artificial lights, then a plain dark blue image will be sufficient to give the shadows a bit of a blue tint, whereas if you intend the moon to be the primary light source, you will probably need an actual HDR source.

We don’t have any specific recommendations for night sky HDR images, but searching the web for ‘night sky ibl’ should turn up a few options. You will need an .hdr or .exr format image in lat-long projection.

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