Upgrade versions rant

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Why is it that with every new version of sketchup (which seems to have zero new features each year by the way) shaderlight compatibility is broken?  Is there a valid technical reason or is it just a deliberate bit of coding to make us have to buy a new version of shaderlight each year?  Getting a fed up with sketchup’s cost when they do nothing each year to justify it and this is added on top too. Grrr.

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Sketchup 2019, New: Dashed lines
Shaderlight 2019, New: Dark Mode
I wish, I could earn money so simple.

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Hi Capitalhouse
as far as I know (and I hope I’m not wrong here?) nothing has changed to the usual practice that you can (and should even) install and run multiple SkUps side by side. So nothing should prevent you from using your previous Shaderlight license along with SU 2018. This way you keep the decision for yourself to update when you want or if you want to update at all.

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In order for us to remain compatible with the latest SketchUp version does take work.  It differs from year to year, but typical issues involve changes to the SketchUp APIs that we use, identifying and fixing newly introduced bugs and updating our installer.

As well as full support for the latest SketchUp release we include new Shaderlight features and updates with the release.  If you’re running the latest version of Shaderlight we also aim to release at least one free update within the year too.

EGIE is right - there is no requirement to update Shaderlight unless you update SketchUp so you can continue to use earlier versions until the time comes you feel an upgrade is necessary.

I hope that clears things up.
many thanks