Why is Shaderlight Slowing Down and Stalling Sketcup

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Newbie here!  Installed Shaderlight two weeks ago on my new laptop.  Was working fine and I was just feeling my way around with it.  Yesterday I was done with a small model and when I went to render in Shaderlight… it took forever to work.  In fact when I hit the camera button on the menu… I couldn’t even pan around in sketchup..  I heard my computer ramp up… but basically sketchup was not responding.  Low resolution and low quality settings didn’t help the situation.

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That is not normal.

I would recommend rebooting.  If that doesn’t work, uninstall/reinstall Shaderlight.

Also, reach out to for help directly. This is really the first step, but they may ask you to do the previous suggestions, and it is Sunday so you may not get a response until Tomorrow. This keeps you ahead of the game.

Good luck.