Won’t stop animation render in progress

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I started rendering an animation with a lot of scenes without realizing how long it would take. I exited the render after a few hours and reduced the animation to just 2 scenes. When I start to render again, the previous one starts back up where it left off. I’ve tried shutting down the program and restarting. I also tried Stop Render from the plug-in menu but it has no effect.

I need it to stop the previous rendering completely so the newest one can start. Is there something I’m missing?

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If Shaderlight sees the individual rendered frames already present in the output folder, it will skip those frames – this is to avoid having to redo work in the event of a crash or accidental shutdown.

You can delete the images from the output folder to force Shaderlight to start from the beginning again.

I hope that helps,
Shaderlight support