color change in self illumination not working

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I am using the self illumination tool, have a “plexi” surface I want to show as lighted with a warm yellow tone. It is appearing far too bright yellow, I have tried lowering the illumination value, also changing the base color from warm yellow to orange and even as far as red. It is rendering the exact same color. I have resaved the file, closed and re opened, however it is still rendering at the same color value. Short of erasing the surface and starting again any thoughts?

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Could you post a screenshot showing the SketchUp model with the SketchUp material editor open (displaying your material), the Shaderlight material editor open (also displaying your material) and the Shaderlight render settings window open, along with the Shaderlight render showing the result? (Hopefully you can fit it all on one screen, but you could post separate screenshots if necessary.)

Being able to see your exact setup might help us determine what is going on – I’ve had a quick try at replicating the setup as described and it appears to work OK. The only potential issue I saw was a mismatch between the exposure setting and the self illumination ‘finish’ (brightness).

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