Lighting for exterior landscapes

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I’m trying to figure out how to illuminate plants and a house using spot lights but nothing shows up.  If I click artificial lights only then the entire outside is black and the lights are the only thing to show.  I’ve about had it trying every combination of settings to even get the illusion of proper lighting.  I’m perplexed this should be this difficult.  Please help me navigate proper settings to make it seem like the sun has just set, it’s getting dark, but you can still see the landscape and the lighting.

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hi - could you please at least show us how is your model setup, what you have achieved so far with which settings and if possible give us an idea (maybe with any example picture) where you want to go? It is always easier to react to something more substantial ;-)

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I agree with EGIE, posting a screenshot of your model and/or an example of what you are trying to accomplish will help.

Having said that, I think I understand what you are trying to do. Here’s what I suggest (if you haven’t tried already).

- Use an HDR image for the sky/sun lighting. Choose an image that is a sunset. If you don’t like the built-in preset/moofe options, use a custom image from online like this one from HDI-Skies:

- Turn off autoexposure.  Adjust the exposure manually until the exterior of your scene looks the way you want it to.

- Place your spotlights—consider using IES lights instead of the built-in lights for a more realistic appearance. Adjust your spotlights until the scene looks right.

If the darkness of your scene is correct for the time of day and you are using manual exposure, you should be able to increase/decrease the spotlight intensity independent of the general lighting atmosphere. 

I’m a month late to the conversation, but I hope this helps and you haven’t given up.