Rendering issues with Shaderlight 2019 and 2020

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Dear all,

A few months ago I updated to the latest version of SketchUp and Shaderlight.

Last year’s Shaderlight update left me with a serious issue: when rendering an interior, direct sunlight would now show up as specks of light. See the below comparison: the exact same model rendered with the same settings on the same computer, in January 2017 (Shaderlight 2016, if I’m not mistaken) vs. January 2020 (Shaderlight 2019)—notice the specks on the floor and the wall on the right.

The issue was indeed resolved once I installed Shaderlight 2020, but another issue has arisen: the render is now much darker, with less subtle contrasts and dark specks. Again see the below image. (Same model, exact same settings, same computer)

As there is no difference when rendering exteriors, I’m assuming the problem is related to the Skylight portals.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Hi Timothy,

To start with, could you first confirm whether you’re using v8.0 or v8.0.1 of Shaderlight 2020? We fixed a few brightness issues that were introduced in the initial 2020 release with the 8.0.1 patch, so if you’re not using that already, it might explain the change in your render. 8.0.1 is a free update for Shaderlight 2020 users, so we would recommend all 2020 users to upgrade to that version.

If you are already using 8.0.1, perhaps there are still cases that our bug fix failed to resolve. In that case, it would be very helpful if you could send your model to us at so that we can investigate further.

It’s also possible that the 2020 render is now more ‘correct’ and that it was previously rendering too bright (that was one of the problems we fixed in 8.0.1), but the excess noise and lack of contrast would suggest that there is still a problem with how Shaderlight is rendering your model.

Great looking model, by the way!

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