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Why is my activation code not working? I upgraded to Sketchup 2021, then could not find Shaderlight. I re-downloaded Shaderlight and now I cannot activate it. Need this to work ASAP with a tight project deadline!

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This would happen if you install the latest version of Shaderlight but your licence is for an older version.

If this is the case, you can either purchase an upgrade to the latest version, or downgrade back to the version that your licence is for. To do that, use the Add / Remove Programs control panel to uninstall Shaderlight and then reinstall it using the installer for the appropriate version that can be found here.

Please note that earlier versions of Shaderlight aren’t compatible with SketchUp 2021, so you would need to have an earlier version of SketchUp installed as well. It is possible to have more than one version of SketchUp installed at a time.

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