Using Shaderlight for V15 on Sketchup V17

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I bought Shaderlight to use with SKP Make, V15, a few years back.
When Sketchup decided to stop issuing models from the warehouse in V15 I installed V17 - the last of the downloadable free Sketchups, I’m not prepared to rely on the online later versions which lack the ability to save-as older versions.
A PITA but I was able to download models again and convert them to V15 format so I could render them in V15 Shaderlight.

Now Sketchup in their infinite wisdom/greed have deleted all models in the warehouse before V19 - so they are forcing us to upgrade to SKP Pro!

I discovered an extension to V17 called ‘Open Newer Version’ which allows me to use V17 to open Sketchup models as recent as V20 in V17.

Yesterday I noticed that V17 has the Shaderlight toolbar displayed! Actually, I’d been assigning material properties to models without realising I was not in V15 - and now I find that Shaderlight also renders the models fine in V17.

Weirdly, I haven’t tried to install the extension on V17 since my first attempt failed a couple of years back.

I’m wondering if the ‘Open Newer Version’ extension has changed the configuration of SKP somehow?
I’m not complaining mind you, I’m just hoping it keeps working.