SL does not complete all of the render, leaves out white “spots”

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I was doing some tests with my MacBook Pro and some renders.
I set up a scene and started to render it and it turns out it leaves “white spots”, and garbled areas when rendering.

I have never seen that before when saving a SL render.

I am using the latest version of both Sketchup and Shaderlight.

I hade SL setup with “tiled” rendering and full quality.
Resolution is 2880x1800 so I canĀ“t upload it in full resolution, but I have downsized it, it still shows the issues with quality

I then changed the setup to “Auto”, and it now seems to be ok.

Any ideas what is happening?

I have 16GB of RAM, and a 256SSD along with an i7 Core prosessor so “omph” should not be a problem….

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This is interesting and not something we have seen before. Would you be able to send the scene over to so we can have a look and try to see what is going on?