Rendering times & Cloud pricing

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My company and I are fully enjoying the capabilities of Shaderlight and the ultra realistic renderings that we are getting because of it. I’d like to take it to the next level, however, and I find that most of my time is spent waiting for test renders to complete in order to judge how to tweak my settings. My questions regarding this are:
1. Is there any kind of chart that would show relative elapsed times that each step up in resolution needs? For instance, on some projects I have the time to wait for a high resolution rendeing to complete; on others I am severely crunched for time and would like to be able to estimate what the highest resolution is that I can use in a certain amount of time. I realize that how long a rendering takes depends also on the complexity of the model, but this is why I am asking for a “relative” time chart.
2. For Cloud rendering, there is only one resolution listed for pricing (15 frames at 480p). Is their a pricing list for other resolutions?
3. What are the turnaround times for Cloud renderings?