Speed Improvement?
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Hi, I am having major slow rendering problems (Old Hardware System).  I have to upgrade to a Laptop for Sketchup and mostly Shaderlight image output.  Right now if I make an image (If it doesn’t crash due to size——20 Meg.) It takes me 8 hours to make one medium quality image.  My question is ... In comparing two laptops one has an Nvidia GT 650M card and the other has Dual Nvidia GTX 675M cards.  Can I expect speed improvements in Shaderlight with the dual card mentioned?
Matthew (Matte) Eilerman

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at the moment shaderlight doesn’t use the graphics card, however sketch up does. So using them dual cards will increase the speed when using sketch up. If you want faster rendering times you may want to look into a RAM upgrade. Or worst case scenario pray and wait for a shaderlight update that will allow the use of the GPU.