Oct. 9th Webinar

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Thought I would share a rendering I did after watching the Oct. 9th webinar.

Some of the specifics of the file are: ReplaceMe trees; specifically, the 3 different oaks, some of them scaled and rotated to look more random. The lighting I used was created using the nightsky.jpg, and the background sky was using a night skyline view I found on the internet. I set the exposure to -4 and the background to -11. I also used a few point lights inside to give that lived-in feeling.

Quality: 100%
Size 1920x1280 HD
Rendering time: I don’t know…Once I got the settings the way I wanted them, I set the quality to max, started the render, and took a nap. When I woke up an hour later, it was finished.

You can almost hear the crickets chirping…

Or the Eagles singing, “I get a peaceful, easy feeling…”

This was fun!!  Have a great day!!!

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Looks awesome.

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a wonderful place - congrats!