Zoom Render Test
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It would be extremely useful after setting up the higher quality render options to window select an area of the full image and the tile mode will only render this area.  If I am curious to see how “good” an area I am worried about will look and its in the lower right corner of the overall image I don’t have to wait hours or days for all the other areas to render first before I can see that things are not as hoped and I have to make a few minutes tweak and start again, over and over till I get it right.  This zoom idea can show in an minutes what takes many hours to see each time.

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I would like to have that feature as well!!

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Would love the ability to be able to do this. Would also be great for ‘fixing’ a texture or any other aspect of a final render without having to set the full render going again for hours / days.

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Yes - Section Render!

...although this wish is as old as Shaderlight itself and felt to be expressed
a hundred times here at the forum we users may not get tired to repeat this   ;-)