House for an architect with small home office

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We are planning to renovate the exterior of our own house with small home office.
We did some tests to so what we could do to change the facade.
We are thinking to put a cladding on the exterior, in two colours - black and white.
The home office is very simple.  Simple white funiture in combination with some Industrial ones (Metro from MEWAF).  The light fixtures are a profile from DELTALIGHT and a nice fixture above the confrencetable, called ‘Spine’ from DARK. Both are Belgium lightdesignfirms.
I hope you like the renders.
I have always a better result with outdoor renderings then interior renderings.

regards, Jürgen Fonteyne architect.

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Hi fmarchitecten

Great renderings (as always!!) - and to be honest - you have a great house! (I’m envious ;-)) )
Especially the “tower” at the corner of the building is formally very good!
It seems to be a growing from the 20s or 30s? but maybe I’m wrong here. Anyway,
I think the corner is worth to obtain a material appearance, which is reminiscent
of the brick from which it was once built. - Even if you want to add an insulation(?),
the visible material should not be simply plaster and color (these materials are enough
at the rest of the building on the left of your renderings,  but at least clinker ....
What do you think about that?

And by the way: your interior renderings do not have to hide behind your exterior renderings
- they are very good. These are only illuminated with artificial light? Is it possible to share (only!)
your light fixtures in the 3D Warehouse?
Up to this day I have not worked with IES-Light-Profiles - I simply do not get any good results.
I like the interior colorsetting Blach & White and the contrasting Green color on the wall and
some chairs which is “simple” and good!


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Hi Egie,

thanks for your reaction to our renderings.
Can I send you some of our lightfixtures, personal.
You can send me an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
I will respond and send you two of my lightfixtures you saw in my renderings.

Regards, Jürgen Fonteyne

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Hi FMArchitecten

many thanks for your kind offer!!

I had already answered if I could see or find an email address ??
Not on a single machine in the company (I tried it on 5!), not on our private computers,
neither Win nor on Mac, neither with IE, FireFox, Chrome or Safari - nowhere the contact
can be seen and on all machines browsers JavaScript is enabled. I just see this message
(please see screenshot below). Maybe someone here in the forum has an idea how to fix this?

Somehow I think that the world is divided into “enabled JavaScripters” and “disabled JavaScripters”
like me ;-)) - and what does that mean anyway ?? :-)))  really - I have no idea!

I am very interested in your light fixtures - could it be a possibility for you to post them in
the 3D Warehouse, like Andrew has done it?

once again thank you & Regards

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