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  • Shaderlight 2018 released today

    Shaderlight Ltd, the developers of the popular rendering plugin for Trimble SketchUp, are pleased to announce the release of Shaderlight 2018. The new release fully supports the latest update to SketchUp also released today.

  • Shaderlight 2017 now supports Skatter

    Shaderlight Ltd, the developers of the rendering plugin for Trimble SketchUp, are pleased to announce an update to Shaderlight 2017.
    The new release features support for the popular Skatter plugin to SketchUp.

  • ArtVPS announce the release of Shaderlight 2017

    A new version of Shaderlight, the simple to use rendering plugin for Trimble SketchUp, has been launched today. The new release fully supports SketchUp 2017 and includes some new features and fixes to make rendering faster and simpler with Shaderlight.

Chairs falling from the sky in a city street

ArtVPS announce the release of a new update to Shaderlight 2014

28 July 2014

Shaderlight, the ever popular rendering plugin for Trimble SketchUp has been updated to deliver even more impressive results out of the box.  The new release is the first update to Shaderlight 2014, the latest version that fully supports SketchUp 2014, and includes sought after improvements to key features.

The new release is available to download from today and is free to existing Shaderlight 2014 customers.  For a limited time, customers purchasing a full or upgrade license, will receive a 25% discount.

Kate Marshall, Marketing Director at ArtVPS explains what’s new.

 “We know how vital it is for Shaderlight to deliver amazing results quickly and simply, which is why for this release we have focussed on improving the usability and performance of some of Shaderlight’s integral and most used features

This focus on our core functionality will benefit not only our existing loyal customer base who have been keen to see these improvements, but also the growing number users who are new to rendering with Shaderlight.”


What’s new in this release?

• Improved auto-exposure in scenes made up entirely of dark or light objects.

Shaderlight’s auto-exposure system has been enhanced so that it doesn’t try to excessively lighten dark objects, or darken light objects when rendering. 


• Improved behaviour of background brightness control when auto-exposure is enabled.

Shaderlight provides greater control of background brightness by no longer compensating for the changes you’re making when auto exposure is on.


• Export animations as movie files (.mov on OS X, .wmv on Windows).

Shaderlight’s popular animation feature has been improved by the ability to export animations directly as movie files.  Render your frames and create a .mov or .wmx file all within Shaderlight.


• Improved rendering performance.

Shaderlight’s rendering performance has been improved, delivering faster rendering.


• Global illumination now affects areas not enclosed by Skylight portals.

Shaderlight’s GI setting can now be used to render scenes where Skylight portals are not being used.  This new feature is particularly useful when rendering the undersides of roofs and overhangs.  (We continue to recommend the use of Portal Lights to enclose interior areas for maximum quality and performance.)


• Elimination of GI flares/light leaks

Shaderlight has eliminated the majority of light spots that can appear when rendering internal scenes using global illumination. 


How do you get your hands on this new release?

Existing Shaderlight 2014 (v3.0) customers can upgrade to this latest version of Shaderlight for FREE.  Simply download the latest software from


New users can purchase Shaderlight 2014 (v3.1) from the Shaderlight website, and for a limited time receive 25% off a full license until the end of August.

Existing v2 customers can purchase and upgrade to this latest release and also receive 25% off with the voucher code ‘THX25’.


Please note that the promotional discount does not apply to educational or timed access licenses.