New day area in an small townhouse

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We are doing a project in our neighbourhood.
We ware asked to make a interiordesig for the day area in a small house on the egde of the town.
The total width of the house is about 4.80 m, outside measurements.
The existing situation is a layout with small spaces one after the other.
We created a more open plan layout with “see throug” perspectives and axes.
The kitchen area is like the backbone that organizes the functionality of the plan.

I hope my clients like it.

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A great interior design and even render work - as always !
What is always most striking for myself are your well-placed color accents.
- In this case, in addition to green, which is typical for you, even orange.

The light insallation on the wall (last picture) is amazing !!
Could you please post this great light fixture in the 3D Warhouse?
I have - as always with light matters - no idea, how such a thing works…

Regards, Egie

PS:  Yes, your clients will love that!

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Hello Egie,

In the last picture, the fixture is called Puk XL.  The manifacture is a firm in Belgium, called Deltalight.
You can find their fixtures in the 3D Warehouse.  You can download the ies-files from their website 

Regards, J├╝rgen