Using SketchUp Rendering Stuff for Shaderlight Renderings

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Hello Everyone

Once again, with this work I would like to show how useful it is to use not only the Shaderlight
rendering itself but also the material directly out of SketchUp.
Long before a rendering is done, SketchUp provides us with a lot of useful material, which we can use
later for our post-production.

It’s nothing new that SketchUp can do hidden line renderings. Such a hidden line rendering is always
an important thing if you want to or need to emphasize contours or joints. And even if that’s not
necessary - do this anyway - This does not take much time, and I always recommend here an export
to PNG and always without anti-aliasing.

For post production in Photoshop or GIMP, we always need alpha channels. Shaderlight is not able to
provide us alpha channels but SketchUp can do this!!!! You just have to change the desired materials
temporarily into a high contrast (for example black and white). This way you can also produce
material ID channels. Also here I always recommend an export to PNG and always without anti-

In the attached example, the old car should not only cause shadows on the street, it should also
reflect on the wet road in a glossy manner. For this reason I made a second rendering, only the car
and a mirror surface under the car. In order to merge the two renderings in one picture, I needed the
alpha channel of the car. To insert a silhouette of a driver, I also needed the alpha channel of the
windshield and side window. All of these alpha channels SketchUp has given me, with just a few
clicks and very fast.
Sometimes it even makes sense to do a Chalk Rendering - which I have not done in this example.
With a Chalk Rendering you can give your rendering a lot more depth and spatial appearance.




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Hallo Egie,

You are the Master in Shaderlight / Sketchup.
You have to be a kind of genius to think how to solve an issue like this.
I have to admit I do not have the knowledge and patience to analyse such matters.

I am a fan.


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Hi Jürgen

I thank you so much - but you’re wrong !!!!

I still have no idea, how you´ve got your great “IES-cross lights”.


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Hi Everyone,

I hope you like this Rendering.

On my subject of post-production - please take a look at this contribution: