Cloud Rendering

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Hello all,

After nearly four years of running the Shaderlight Cloud Rendering service in partnership with Limitless Computing, we’re in the process of bringing the service fully in-house and, starting today, new renders will be handled by ArtVPS instead of Limitless Computing.

Initially, the only changes will be to how you purchase rendering credits and how you sign in to the service.

New credits can now be purchased through the Cloud Rendering section of the ArtVPS web-store. These will be attached to your ArtVPS account, so you should sign in to the Cloud rendering dialog within SketchUp using your ArtVPS username and password.

If you have existing credits in your Limitless Computing account, you can render using those credits by continuing to sign in using the email address and password associated with that account.

During this transition period, the user management and credit purchasing facilities within the SketchUp plugin will be unavailable, so please visit to sign up for an account if necessary and to purchase new rendering credits.

We hope that this transition will help us develop the service to provide even more closely integrated, faster and more affordable cloud rendering to Shaderlight users.

Thank you,
Shaderlight support