GPU rendering

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Hello you lovely people at Shaderlight.

You really have to add a GPU rendering option to your next version of Shaderlight.
Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!

Manuela :)

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I second that! This is a must :)

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I third it. :-)

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I gave up and bought Thea.

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Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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Shaderlight’s core was written before general purpose GPU programming was available, so a fairly large re-architecting is required to move the ray tracing onto the GPU. Until recently, a very high-end GPU has typically been needed to be able to render reasonably complex scenes, so only a small proportion of our user base was likely to benefit from it.

We recognise that powerful GPUs are now quite commonplace and many more users could take advantage of GPU-based rendering, so we hope to be able to make it happen soon.

It would be helpful if any users interested in having GPU rendering could post their GPU specs here – that would help us decide what kind of hardware to target.