Shaderlight 2018 (6.1.0) Release Notes

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Soft Shadows For IES Lights

With Shaderlight 2018 (v6.1), it is now simpler than ever to render more photorealistic scenes from SketchUp. The new release will enable you to produce beautiful soft shadows when rendering scenes illuminated with IES data.

In this latest update to Shaderlight 2018, we have added support for the size specified in IES light profiles, which will enable you to greatly enhance the realism for scenes using photometric light data.

IES photometric files that specify a ‘luminous opening’ size will now be rendered with light being emitted from a surface of that size, instead of from a single point as in previous versions of Shaderlight. This will allow IES lights to produce soft shadows appropriate to the light fixture described by the IES profile.

There are no new controls to enable this feature – any IES light that uses a profile containing the necessary size specification will automatically render with soft shadows. We have found that most manufacturers’ IES profiles specify the luminous opening size and will therefore cast soft shadows in Shaderlight 6.1.

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