Shaderlight for SketchUp 3.1.0 release notes

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• Improved auto-exposure in scenes made up entirely of dark or light objects

Shaderlight’s auto-exposure system enables you to to achieve photo-realistic exposure with the click of a button.  It has now been enhanced so that it doesn’t try to excessively lighten dark objects, or darken light objects when rendering.

• Improved behaviour of background brightness control when auto-exposure is enabled

In another update to our auto-exposure feature, Shaderlight provides greater control of background brightness by no longer compensating for the changes you’re making when auto-exposure is on.

• Export animations as movie files (.mov on OS X, .wmv on Windows)

Shaderlight’s popular animation feature has been improved by the ability to export animations directly as movie files.  It is now possible to render your frames and create a .mov or .wmx file all within Shaderlight.

• Improved rendering performance

Shaderlight now delivers faster rendering.  The extent of the improved performance will obviously depend on the size and complexity of your render but you should see a marked improvement on the average render.

• Global illumination now affects areas not enclosed by Skylight portals

Shaderlight’s GI setting can now be used to render scenes where Skylight portals are not being used.  While we continue to recommend the use of Portal Lights to enclose interior areas for maximum quality and performance, this new feature is particularly useful when rendering the undersides of roofs and overhangs. 

• Elimination of GI flares/light leaks

You may have experienced the appearance of annoying light spots or flares when rendering internal scenes using global illumination.  Well, no more.  Thanks to the further improvements we’ve made to Shaderlight’s global illumination feature, the majority of light spots have been eliminated.  The images below show a before and after illustration of this fantastic update.