Network Licensing

Render with Shaderlight across your network


If your office, studio or classroom has multiple SketchUp users all wanting to render with Shaderlight then take a look at purchasing a network license.  Installing Shaderlight on your network couldn't be simpler – all you need is one host license and any number of client licenses.  You can simply add more client licenses to the network as demand increases.

How it works


  • Install the host software on a single computer on the network. This is now your License Server
  • Set up each computer you want to have access to Shaderlight and then when SketchUp is started with Shaderlight installed that machine will receive a client license from the host server. 


  • The first machines to run Shaderlight will be licensed.  When all client licenses are used the next machine will run Shaderlight in free mode.
  • Users can simply release their license back to the license server if they're not going to be rendering with Shaderlight.


  • A host license has a one off cost of $660 and each client license costing $400 - the same price as a standalone license of Shaderlight Pro.
  • There is no minimum number of client licenses you must buy, so you can install Shaderlight on your network from just $1060.
  • Educational discounts are available for network licenses.  Contact us for details.

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