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Rendering for everyone

However you use SketchUp, Shaderlight delivers


Who uses it?

Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers - Real world lighting and materials let you accurately visualise concepts quickly and simply.

Product Designers & Manufacturers - Seeing the results of your changes as you work lets you explore more design possibilities and improve productivity.

Construction & Engineering - Shaderlight’s simplicity means it can be easily incorporated in to existing workflows with minimum fuss.

Entertainment - Quick, high quality renders of your SketchUp models communicates your ideas effectively in pre-visualisation and set design.

Schools, Colleges & Universities - An affordable solution, Shaderlight is the ideal accompaniment to SketchUp in 3D design in education at any age.

You - Shaderlight is the perfect partner for SketchUp so why not start making the most of your models and download Shaderlight now.


Case Studies

The Landmark Group - Landscape Architects

The Landmark Group has been using SketchUp for nearly two years but it wasn’t until the company employed the powerful combination of DynaSCAPE Sketch3D and Shaderlight that the business really started reaping the benefits. The transformation of 3D models into photorealistic images secures immediate client buy-in to the designs, whilst saving development time and reducing costs across the business. 

Daniel Tal - Landscape Architect

Daniel Tal, RLA, ASLA, has been a landscape architect for more than 13 years. Creating 3D drawings of his vision is critical to his business and SketchUp has been allowing him to do this easily for a number of years. However, it is only recently that he has found the software to render these images, enabling him to create photorealistic 3D images - a service increasingly in demand.

David Pillsbury - Building Designer

David Pillsbury is a busy man. As well as being President of the American Institute of Building Design – Florida and Co-Chair of the Master Residential Designers Council, as a Certified Professional Building Designer, Certified Green Professional and US EPA Certified Renovator he also has his day job of designing houses for Keesee and Associates, Inc. a residential design firm in Central Florida. 

Harmony Design Group - Landscape Architects

Award-winning Jersey-based landscape architects, Harmony Design Group have been transforming residential landscapes for more than six years. Since discovering Shaderlight, they’ve been able to transform their SketchUp design presentation and wow their clients.

Colorado Master Builders - Architects

Rod Kazenske has been designing and building residential projects with Colorado Master Builders and Architects (CMB) since 1995. He has worked in the construction, carpentry, and architecture industry for 24 years and been using SketchUp for over 10 years.  Rod added Shaderlight to his toolset in March 2011.


What our users are saying

Customer quotes

“Being able to efficiently and effectively convey our design ideas to clients with provocative images is invaluable.  So many other rendering programs are geared for far more technical and time-consuming use than we can allot time for, on an everyday basis—especially in this climate where deadlines and limited resources are a harsh reality.  Being able to have all of the back-end work done, basically allowing us with minor tweaks to set up a view and get rendering is very welcomed.”


"I have really enjoyed using it and its only a simple extension of what I would do in SketchUp. I think the materials palette is simple without being dumbed down and the lighting is fairly sophisticated without being too clunky."

Jerry Zayas, TTI Group. North America

"Shaderlight holds promise to be the perfect solution for fast, beautiful renders in a large portion of the film industry where we don't have time to develop a V-Ray render or another less assumptive render.  With limited experience of Shaderlight, I was able to present a render and keep pace with a commercial, video or television pilot production."

David Cooper, Production Designer / Set Designer/ Art Director

"Shaderlight is the second generation of integrated rendering for SketchUp and is far superior to the others.  The ability to produce so many renderings of great quality is unique to Shaderlight and its integration with SketchUp insures that I will be using it for a long time to complete work for clients and projects."

Daniel Tal, RLA, ASLA

"I have to say, thanks to your webinar I learned that my biggest obstacle was me!  I over-thought everything and had lots of questions however, watching the demo answered them all and made me realize how simple Shaderlight really is to make professional rendering."

David A Pillsbury AIBD|CPBD|CGP|CR Keesee & Associates

"We have looked at all the renderers, including Artlantis but Shaderlight is the best I’ve looked at. That’s why I’m buying it"

Ian Osman. Garnoch Design

"Shaderlight the future of realistic rendering.....thank you Shaderlight I cant do this without you - project presentation has become more effective and fun too!"

Nicanor Quesada via Facebook

"I have spoken to many colleges about the benefits of Shaderlight, one of which is now considering introducing SketchUp to courses so that Shaderlight can be taught!  Shaderlight is going to truly affect the educational market as most students are looking for easy render solutions to bring their designs to another level." 

Sekhar Roy,  Designer and Professor at The Florence Institute of Design

"Congratulations on your excellent customer service."

Matthew Shannon.  B&Q

"At KLC, our focus is on equipping our students with the tools, skills and portfolios that they need to work in the ever competitive world of interior design.  As such we have been using Google SketchUp for some time as a simple and effective way to translate their ideas into 3D.  Shaderlight takes us one step further, allowing our students to create high quality, impactful visuals.  These skills will help draw attention to their work and give them the skills necessary to wow their future clients." 

Simon Dodsworth,  Director of Interior Design at KLC School of Design

"The team at ArtVPS appear to fundamentally "get" the whole SketchUp ethos, and designed Shaderlight to slot seamlessly into that.  They have produced a renderer that just renders well.  Who cares how it does it? I don't.  I just want to model great stuff in SketchUp, then see what it looks like in real life.  Shaderlight allows me to do that, painlessly, and at the right price." 

Robin de Jongh.  Author of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualisation.

"This program looks like the answer to my prayers!"

Tony Fortunato.  KTH Architects