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When rendering an animation you must set the location and filename of the frames to be rendered and the frame rate (which is the number of frames rendered for every second of your animation).


Save To – Press the Browse button SUiconBrowse so that you can select a location and a filename for your rendered frames. The filename you choose will become the prefix of the frames name. Each frame will then have a frame number after the prefix. For example if you specify the filename frameName_ then your rendered frames will be named frameName_0000, frameName_0001, frameName_0002 ... and so on


Note: If you try to render an animation without specifying a location and filename, a browse dialog will appear when you press the Render button.


File Type – Select a file type, (png, tiff or jpg) for the rendered frames


Frame Rate – The frame rate sets how many frames are rendered for every second of your SketchUp animation. The more frames you render per second, the smoother the animation will appear when it is played back, but more frames means a longer time to render the whole sequence


Duration – Shaderlight displays the total number of frames that will be rendered for the whole SketchUp animation, based on the frame rate that you choose. You can choose to render only a part of that total using the Scenes/Frame Range controls


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