Artificial Lights

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The Artificial Lights Only lighting option allows you to turn off the sun and render the image just using Shaderlight's artificial lights. Artificial lights are only available in the Pro version of Shaderlight for SketchUp.


Note: You don't need to use this option when you have artificial lights in your scene; you should only use it if you don't want the sun contributing to the illumination


Artificial lights are placed using the Shaderlight Light Placement Tool. They are used to light interior spaces and anywhere you might place a lamp, spotlight or candle in the real world. In SketchUp you always have the SketchUp Sunlight illuminating the scene or, for Shaderlight, you can have other methods like the Physical Sky or the Preset Lighting Images. All these lighting methods add to the light contributed by the artificial lights, and just like switching on a lamp on a bright sunny day,  the additional light can overwhelm the artificial light.




By using Artificial Lights Only the other lighting methods are switched off and the scene is only lit by the artificial lights that you place in the scene.


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