Background and Exposure

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The Background of your image is affected in different ways by the auto exposure, depending on what type of background you are using.


SketchUp Background

The SketchUp background is unaffected by the exposure. The colors that you choose for the background will be reproduced exactly.



SketchUp Background is unaffected by Auto Exposure and  Adjustments


The exception is if the background is seen through a transparent object. In this case the exposure is calculated for the background and so the image may appear incorrect.



SketchUp Background seen through transparent objects is "incorrect"


In this case you must switch the background to Lighting Environment to control the exposure.


Lighting Environment

The background is affected by the Shaderlight exposure. As lights get brighter in your scene, the auto exposure will reduce and the background will  appear darker. If lights get dimmer in your scene the auto exposure will increase and the background will appear lighter.



Lighting Environment Background IS affected by Auto Exposure and  Adjustments


You can compensate for the exposure changes by controlling the background brightness independently using the Background Brightness +/- control



Background Brightness +/- allows you to control the background color



Custom backgrounds are affected by Shaderlight exposure in the same way as lighting environment backgrounds and you can use the Background Brightness +/- control to compensate


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