IES Web Profile Light

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An IES Web Profile Light is an easy way of simulating a real world light in Shaderlight as they use accurate digital profiles taken from actual light sources. IES files are created by many lighting manufacturers according to a standard defined by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of America. IES files can usually be downloaded freely from manufacturers web sites and some sample files can also be downloaded from the resources section at




When you place an IES Web Profile Light in Shaderlight it is marked by an IES Light component. The yellow dot indicates the source of the light and the curved white profiles indicate the direction the light shines (though not the actual profile of the IES light). You can select, rotate and move the component in your scene to place the source of the light, but the component itself won't appear in your render.




Note: not all IES profiles will have a definite direction they are shining, but they always have a main axis from which the measurements were taken. When you place an IES light in SketchUp, you are positioning that axis.


Before an IES Web Profile Light will properly illuminate your scene, you should specify an IES file to use. Click on the File Browse icon under Light Properties and browse for a valid IES file on your hard drive. If you don't specify an IES file, the light will illuminate like a very small area light.


IES Web Profile Light Properties


You can change the intensity, profile and color of the spotlight.


Dimmer – The intensity of the IES light is defined in the IES file itself (remember that the IES file is created by physically measuring the output of real light sources), so the light is displayed at the correct brightness.  You can dim the light from its full intensity by specifying a percentage reduction. It is also possible to use percentages greater than 100% if you wish to make the light brighter than the IES profile, but bear in mind that this would not be possible in the real world!


Filename – The IES file, defining the profile and intensity of the light is entered here. Use the Browse icon to select an IES file from your hard drive.


Color – The color of the light can be changed using the color sliders (either HSB or RGB) and can be seen in the color swatch at the top left of the window.


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