List of Known Issues

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SketchUp 8.0

We are aware of a bug in the first release of SketchUp 8.0 that causes intermittent SketchUp crashes when running Shaderlight in Auto-Update mode. Please make sure you are using the latest version of SketchUp8 (at least version 8.0.4811) as Google have fixed the bug that caused this problem.


Auto Update

There are some changes in SketchUp that currently fail to update automatically in Shaderlight. In most cases the update will be restored by clicking the Start Render button. If this fails to restore the connection, select On-Demand from the Update drop down in the Render Settings window, then switch back to Auto before clicking the Start Render button again.


Assigning materials to nested components – Assigning a material to a component inside another component will not auto-update. To correct this, double click the parent component first to edit it and then assign the material to the component inside
Soften Edges – adjusting the smoothing on edges in SketchUp does not auto-update in the Shaderlight image. To workaround this you must restart the render by clicking the Start Shaderlight Rendering button
Changing Scene – Objects and layers that hide/unhide as a result of changing the SketchUp scene do not auto-update in Shaderlight
Auto updates of Sandbox Tools Unsupported – The SketchUp Sandbox modeling tools are not officially supported as auto-updating in Shaderlight. Objects modeled with Sandbox tools will render, however "live" modeling using the Sandbox will not auto-update correctly and may even crash either Shaderlight or SketchUp



"Cut-out" textures render incorrectly with Mirror finish. When a Mirror finish is applied to a material with a "cut-out" map, the "cut-out is ignored and the material is rendered with no areas of transparency
Default Material – By default, SketchUp displays the two sides of a new surface with two different colors, white on the front and blue-grey on the back. Shaderlight however renders this default SketchUp material as plain white on both sides
Background Reflections – The SketchUp background color is not seen in reflected objects. This is deliberate, because if Shaderlight used the standard SketchUp colors for reflections it would put a green/blue cast on all reflective objects. Instead Shaderlight reflects a white environment, unless Image Based Lighting (IBL) is used (via the presets or a custom IBL), in which case the IBL environment is used for correct reflections
Gif Textures do not render correctly if modified. If a gif file is used as a texture in SketchUp on the Mac, it will not render correctly if the texture is modified. If possible, convert the gif file to a png.
Face-Me – If the Blue axis of a "Face Me" component is not vertical (that is pointing in the same direction as the blue axis in SketchUp), then it's possible that the position of the component in the render will be incorrect when viewed from certain angles. This is most likely when looking down on the object from above or below
The SketchUp background is always rendered with the horizon horizontal. If the camera is rolled onto an angle (which sometimes happens during scene animation), Shaderlight will not render the horizon on an angle if the background is set to SketchUp Background. Switching to Physical Sky for lighting and Lighting Environment for background will fix the problem
GI is not rendering correctly in corners in interior scenes.



Shaderlight doesn't render animated some SketchUp properties. Changes to camera Field of View and SketchUp Sun positions when animated by SketchUp Scenes are not rendered by Shaderlight



Light Placement Slow Placing lights in Shaderlight can be slow if the SketchUp Outliner window is open.  The Outliner window will flicker during the delay before the light appears. Close the Outliner to return light placement performance to normal.
If you zoom out to the point where the axis is no longer seen in Sketch Up, Shaderlight will crash on export.


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