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These steps show you how to activate Shaderlight if there is NO internet connection on the computer with Shaderlight installed.


Step 1: On the computer WITH Shaderlight installed:

From the SketchUp Plugins menu, select Plugins->Shaderlight for SketchUp->Activate Shaderlight


From the Activation dialog box select the Manual Activation button




Note down the Machine ID number




Leave this box up and go to a computer with an internet connection



Step 2: On a computer WITH an internet connection:

Visit using a web browser


In the activation web page, enter your 16 digit Activation Code (received via email when you purchased Shaderlight or requested a trial)


Enter the Machine ID you noted above




Click Submit to generate the license text


The license text should look something like this:


LICENSE artvps shaderlightpro 1.1 permanent uncounted

hostid=00252d38ab14 issued=28-feb-2011 _ck=d9c6bbd290 sig="60P0450X



Copy and paste the license text into a text file that you can save and take across to the Shaderlight computer. You can copy the text file with the license on it onto a memory stick, or use your internal network


Return to the computer with Shaderlight Installed


Step 3 : On the computer WITH Shaderlight installed

Click Next on the box displaying the Machine ID


Paste the license text from the text file you created in Step 2 into the box marked "Paste license text here"




Click Done


If the license is valid you will see the following box. If the license fails you will be asked to re-enter it




Click OK to complete activation


You must close the Shaderlight Render Window and restart SketchUp in order to activate the Pro features


If Activation Fails:

Check you have entered the license text correctly
Check that you entered the Machine ID correctly on the Activation web page


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