Material Changes

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Click the material ball button to open the Shaderlight Material Editor




Select a material in your scene using the SketchUp Material Editor and the Shaderlight properties are shown in the Shaderlight Material Editor.


Select materials in your scene by using the SketchUp eyedropper SUpipette

Select the SketchUp Paint Bucket (which opens the SketchUp Material Editor)
Hold down the Apple CMD key (the paint bucket cursor then changes to a eyedropper)




Click on an object that uses the material you want to edit
The material will be highlighted in the Colors In Model section of the SketchUp Material Editor
The Shaderlight properties can be edited in the Shaderlight Material Editor




The Shaderlight Material Editor automatically assigns finishes to materials from the SketchUp collection. Other preset finishes are available from drop down menus.




For full details

Explaining the Editor window


Explaining the different types and finishes

Adding bumpy relief to material texture



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