Physical Sky

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The SketchUp Sunlight system uses the time of day to position the sun, but the render doesn't really look like the real world because the sun is always the same color and intensity and the skylight is always white.


The Shaderlight Physical Sky system, available in the Pro version of Shaderlight for SketchUp, uses exactly the same time of day settings from the SketchUp Shadow Settings window, but it lights the scene correctly, with golden sunset light for the evening and bright crisp light at noon. At the same time, reflective objects in your scene will reflect true to life colors from the sky.



Physical Sky lighting and background


If the Background option is set to Lighting Environment, then the background of your scene will be also be physically correct for the time, date and location. As with the SketchUp Sunlight lighting mode, the time and date is controlled using the SketchUp Shadow Settings window.


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