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The SketchUp->Plugins menu has a Shaderlight for SketchUp menu with a number of useful options.




Stop Render – Stops the current Shaderlight render
Enable Replace Me – With this option checked, Shaderlight Replace Me components will render as their detailed versions. With the option unchecked, the original  simple Replace Me objects will be rendered instead. See Using Replace Me Components


You can open the Shaderlight tools using

Material Editor  – Opens the Material Editor
Light Placement Tool – Opens the Light Placement Tool
Render Settings – Opens the Render Settings Window
Replace Me Creator – Opens the Replace Me Creator Window
Light Fixture Library - Opens the Google 3D Warehouse showing the Shaderlight Light Fixture Library



Activate Shaderlight – Opens the Shaderlight Activation window for licensing new versions of Shaderlight Pro and Educational  as well as upgrading to a new version
Upgrade to Shaderlight Pro – If you are using Shaderlight Free, click here to get a Pro license from the Shaderlight shop
About Shaderlight – Displays the version number of your copy of Shaderlight and your license status


If you are using network (floating) licenses for your copy of Shaderlight Pro, you will see two additional menu choices, Release and Acquire. For more info, please see Using Network Licenses.

Release Shaderlight License  – Give up a license (and return it to the RLM License Server for re-use)
Acquire Shaderlight License  – Get a license from the RLM License Server when one becomes free


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