Point Light

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A Point Light is a light source that emits light in all directions from a single point.




When you place a Point Light in Shaderlight it is marked by a Point Light component. The yellow dot indicates the center of the light and the white discs indicate that the light is emitted in all directions. You can select and move the component in your scene to place the source of the light, but the component itself won't appear in your Shaderlight image.




Point Light Properties


You can change the intensity and color of the point light.


Intensity The intensity of the point light is set in candela and the default value of 125 candela is roughly the light emitted by a 100 watt tungsten light bulb. (One candela is roughly the amount of light emitted in any given direction by a "standard" candle)


Color The color of the light can be changed using the color sliders (either HSB or RGB) and can be seen in the color swatch at the top left of the window



Tip: All lights cast shadows by default. If you want to stop a light casting shadows (which of course cannot happen in the real world!) then select the light and view its Entity Info by selecting the Window->Entity Info menu in SketchUp. If you un-check the Cast Shadows option the light will no longer cast shadows


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