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The scene option helps Shaderlight improve the image by knowing if you are rendering an interior or exterior scene.





Exterior scenes are usually lit by the SketchUp Sunlight, the Shaderlight Physical Sky or Preset Lighting Images (IBL). The camera is usually outside the model.




House exterior lit with IBL

Football stadium lit with Physical Sky



Interior scenes usually include Artificial Lights and often daylight coming through windows and doors. The camera is usually inside the model.




Child's bedroom lit with Skylight Portals

Kitchen lit with two  Skylight Portals


The Interior (GI) option is only available in the Pro version of Shaderlight. For the more technically minded, the interior option enables a rendering technique called Global Illumination (GI). This technique simulates the way light bounces off all the surfaces in a scene and improves the realism of the image. It does come at a cost though as GI scenes do take longer to render. Click here to see a video tutorial about Global Illumination in Shaderlight.


Note: If you are rendering interiors without any artificial lights (for example a daytime scene where sunlight illuminates the room) , you must place Skylight Portal lights in the windows, doors and openings where daylight would enter the room



Skylight Portal set up for Child's bedroom image                


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